4 Healthy Habits for an Amazing Smile

The secret to a beautiful smile is a healthy routine.

Brushing and flossing are a given, but preventive dentistry reinforces certain habits you can incorporate into your daily life to achieve amazing, pearly-white teeth. While a dentist near you may provide further advice tailored to your specific circumstances, we at River Oak Dental are happy to help you with your homework.

Check out the top 4 healthy habits you can start right now to get a fantastic smile.

4. Understand what damages your enamel.

The crown of your teeth is covered by a fine layer called enamel. This hard, semi-transparent substance protects your teeth, but it can stain over time and, sadly, is not self-repairing.

Enamel erosion can start a chain of progressive damage that eventually leads to crowns or other procedures of restorative dentistry.

Solution? Don’t let it reach that stage.

Sugary or acidic treats wear down your enamel and cause erosion, while coffee, red wine, and tea stain it and cause yellow teeth. To reduce the need for cosmetic dentistry, make sure to wash your mouth after consuming any of these drinks.

Oh, and don’t chew ice or hard candy. It causes needless trauma on your hard-working enamel.

3. Say no to sticky food.

If biting hard candy is a no-go, then maybe chewy ones or gummies are the dentist-friendly solutions.

Think again.

Chewy sweets like dried fruit or gummies stick to your teeth, giving more time for the sugar to evolve into potential tooth decay. The sour variety, in particular, increases the damage—nothing good comes from sticky acids on your enamel.

In an ideal world, we’d cut sweets altogether. But since we all love to indulge ourselves with tasty delights, chocolate is a friendlier alternative allowed by preventive dentistry experts, within reasonable limits. After all, it’s easy to eat, easy to chew, and easy to wash away.

2. Drink water.

Drinking water is a staple health suggestion by almost every medical professional, and dentists are not the exception. It turns out that increasing your water consumption may also have a striking impact on the health of your teeth.

According to the American Dental Association, water is preventive dentistry’s best natural ally. It aids saliva in washing away leftover food, reducing the tooth decay risk associated with dry mouth, and diluting the acids and sugars that stimulate bacterial growth.

Similarly, drinking water with fluoride strengthens your teeth’s enamel. Luckily, over 70% if the United States enjoys free water fluoridation, including Palm Bay!

1. Professional dental cleanings & preventive care is a must.

Don’t let pop culture fool you—a visit to the dentist is not a scary ordeal. At least if you do regular check-ups.

A regular appointment with any dentist near you can help you eliminate tartar, catch cavities in early stages, and keep track of your oral health. In fact, studies prove that for every dollar spent in preventive procedures, you can save up to $50 in restorative dentistry procedures.

And hey—if you’re in Palm Bay, you can always drop by and visit us. Our team of experts provides the best preventive, restorative, cosmetic, and laser treatments to ensure your healthy habits result in the radiant smile you undoubtedly deserve.

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