4 Tips For Helping Your Child Develop Good Dental Health Habits

Two toothbrushes in a cup at River Oak Dental in Palm Bay Fl.Every February, the American Dental Association sponsors National Children’s Dental Health Month, a month dedicated to promoting oral care at an early age. In celebration, we’d like to provide you with 4 tips for starting your child on the path to consistent dental health!

Set an example

Our kids love to emulate us. They watch every move we make, and that includes what we do at the sink. So chances are, if you’re not consistently brushing and flossing, they’re not either. And that includes morning and evening care.

Brush with them

Brushing doesn’t have to be a chore. Try brushing together! Since you already do it twice a day, why not have your kids join you. This is a great way to make sure everyone is taking care of their teeth. You might even find them reminding you to brush!

Reward good brushing habits

Good brushing habits can be difficult to form, and, honestly, who doesn’t deserve a little reward every once in a while? An extra half hour of TV or maybe a trip to their favorite toy store could be earned in exchange for a full month of good brushing.

Keep your appointments

Simply brushing twice a day isn’t enough. Going to cleanings and letting us take care of any extra aspects of dental care are just as important, and should not be missed. Be sure to go to your scheduled check ups and keep a positive attitude toward your dental appointments. Little ones are watching!

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