6 Amazing Benefits of Laser Dentistry

6 Amazing Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Many patients coming to River Oak Dental are curious to learn more about laser dentistry. Here’s a look at the key benefits that we know you’ll care about.

You May Not Need Sutures

With laser dentistry, the need for sutures (“stitches”) is often minimized or eliminated completely when dealing with a soft tissue procedure. This has to do with the incredible precision that a laser is able to cut with compared to any other method of tissue incision or removal.

You Won’t Bleed As Much

When treating any type of soft tissue problem with the use of lasers, you will experience minimal bleeding. This is because lasers themselves promote blood clotting at the incision site thanks to the heat produced by the laser.

You May Not Need Anesthesia

Thanks to the incredible precision and speed of a laser procedure, in some instances, you may not need anesthesia to have your procedure completed in the office. This is great to not only reduce your costs, but also eliminate the things that come with anesthesia, like the need to have someone drive you home.

Of course, if you decide that you want anesthesia anyway, the professionals here at River Oak Dental are more than happy to administer it if you feel it will make you more comfortable.

You’ll Have a Lower Risk of Infection

River Oak Dental has a great reputation in Palm Bay for being one of the most friendly and professional offices around. With that said, any sort of surgery always puts a patient at some risk of infection. While infections are rare, they are a factor to consider and that is why laser decontamination is such a priority in any dentist office.

Fortunately, using lasers reduces the risk of infection even more because the laser acts to decontaminate the area as the dentist works thanks to its bacteria-killing advantages.

Your Wounds Will Heal Faster

When using a laser over other methods, your tissue will actually heal back faster. This minimizes your recovery time in the days and weeks following your procedure, allowing you to get back to your day-to-day life faster.

The use of a laser also means it’s possible for tissue to regenerate itself, which can help with patients suffering from gum disease and similar issues where the removal of tissue is necessary.

Plus, thanks to the fact that lasers are minimally invasive, a laser dentistry procedure will not damage surrounding tissues, which will improve your recovery time even more. This can also reduce pain while you are undergoing the procedure and shorten the time it takes for your dental surgeon to clean-up the area after the procedure is complete.

Bonus: You Won’t Experience Drill Vibrations

Not everyone dreads the vibrations from a dental drill, but if you find the sensation particularly unpleasant you should consider laser dentistry at River Oak Dental. When a drill is not used, there are no drill vibrations, making your trip to the dentist even better then you expected.

Learn More About Laser Dentistry

If you have a procedure coming up in which lasers may be useful, ask your dentist for details about the process. While you’re here, they can answer any questions you may have and explain why using lasers is the best choice in many situations.

Give our Palm Bay office a call or schedule a time to come in and sit down to discuss all of your options.

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