Expert Answers for Common Laser Dentistry Questions

Expert Answers for Common Laser Dentistry Questions

Laser dentistry can sound like an intimidating process. However, while the technology is relatively new, laser dentistry has proven time and time again to be a safe, comfortable way to have procedures done.

Due to your mouth’s limited space and difficult access, laser dentistry is actually the most precise and easiest way to get the results you want–whether it’s decontaminating gum pockets, removing inflamed gums, or being used for a variety of other procedures.

Still, many people have questions when it comes to laser dentistry and it’s important to find accurate answers. Here’s a look at some of the top questions people ask about laser dentistry and what to expect.


Does Laser Dentistry Hurt?

Laser dentistry is faster than traditional methods and minimally invasive, with the overall process generally being more comfortable compared to traditional methods. That means you’ll be in and out of the office quicker and likely with less pain and soreness to boot.


Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

Laser dentistry is completely safe for your teeth and gums. When done by a professional, laser dentistry will prove to be worry-free and easy.


Does Laser Dentistry Really Work?

Laser dentistry is a proven concept that is highly effective. The way it works is actually quite simple. Using the incredible, highly concentrated power of lasers, dentists are able to replace surgical tools with a special laser-powered device. In other words, the laser acts as the cutting instrument. It can also be used to vaporize tissue, which is particularly helpful when removing inflamed or infected gum.


When Is Laser Dentistry Used?

There are many uses for lasers in the world of dentistry. For instances, they’re often used to:

  • Treat cavities: The laser can be used to remove contamination and bacteria, cleaning out the cavity and making it quicker to fill so you can be on your way faster.
  • Gum Disease: The laser can be used to remove bacteria and even reshape gums by removing infected tissue when the dentist is conducting a root canal.
  • Biopsy or Lesion Removal: When a dentist needs to remove a small piece of tissue in a process known as a biopsy, the laser can be used to provide a quick and clean cut.
  • Sensitive teeth: when tooth sensitivity causes discomfort, laser desensitization can be used to bring relief for hypersensitive teeth.
  • Dental Crowns and Veneers: dental lasers can be used instead of a drill for removal of ceramic crowns and veneers, making the whole process simpler and more comfortable.
  • Mouth sores: dental lasers are also used in the treatment of oral ulcers including cold sores and aphthous ulcerations. The laser disinfects the sore, reduces healing time, decreases inflammation, and relieves pain.
  • Gum health and appearance: lasers can work wonders on gums and provide a more pleasant experience for gum re-contouring, frenectomies, and even gum lightening.

Lasers are also used in dentistry as part of teeth whitening procedures. In those instances, the laser acts as a heat source, enhancing the bleaching agents of the whitening mixture that dentists typically use.


Learn More About Laser Dentistry

If you have a procedure coming up in which lasers may be useful, ask your dentist for details about the process. They can answer any other questions you may have and explain why using lasers is the best choice in many situations. And if you live near Palm Bay, or plan to travel to the Melbourne area, be sure to schedule a visit to discuss your options.

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