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Three smiling dentists pose for a picture in nature in Palm Bay FL.Imagine getting excited when a reminder for an upcoming dental appointment pops up, instead of dreading it. The good news is, you don’t just have to imagine it! With a little research, selecting the right dentist for you and your needs will make it easy to relax and feel right at home. There are many important factors to consider when searching for a dentist that meets all your needs and settling for a second-rate experience will only lead to stress down the road. Here are some recommendations for finding the perfect dentist office for you that feels like family.

Location & Time

We know you have a lot to accomplish each day and at River Oak Dental we strive to honor the time you spend with us. Many patients love that our office is just a quick drive from work, making it easy to set up an appointment during lunch or at the end of the day before heading home. Scheduling appointments for the appropriate amount of time, not double-booking appointments and bringing patients back promptly are just a sampling of the ways we strive to serve our patients, so be sure the location of the dentist you choose is convenient and they care just as much about your time as we do.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Fillings, teeth cleanings, root canals – you know the drill. We understand everyone has a unique situation that requires individual care. To best serve our patients, The River Oak Dental team creates a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan for each individual, allowing them to understand treatment needs as well as cost. This enables us to provide an estimate of individual needs without surprise costs or compromising the health of the patient. The right dentist will work with you so you can achieve optimal dental health.

Emergency care

It’s no secret that life is full of unexpected surprises. Don’t wait till you’re in an emergency dental situation to find out how your dentist office handles it. Check to see what procedures are in place for emergencies that happen during office hours, at night or on weekends. We believe you deserve to be well cared, no matter what time of day or day of the week it is.

At River Oak Dental, our approach to emergency care places a heavy influence on preventative care. We want to equip you with the best knowledge and care to ensure that dental emergencies are few and far between. Your smile deserves to be seen all the time and our staff is eager to make sure you have all the information possible to achieve optimal dental health in-between visits.

Individual Experience

If you’ve selected the right dentist for your needs then appointments won’t be stressful. It is important to keep personal comfort in mind when selecting a dentist. See if you feel comfortable in the office. Is the staff welcoming and friendly and does it feel like coming home to family? If all of those are true, you’ve found the perfect fit!

Use your resources

If your search is coming up short, ask around for recommendations. Friends and family are amazing resources and can give insight on which local dentists would be the best fit to for your needs.

What if going to the dentist was stress-free? What if you actually loved your experience at the dentist, instead of dreading it? We believe that every patient can achieve optimal dental health and enjoy the process! River Oak Dental is more than just a dentist office in Palm Bay, it is a community of people who are passionate about caring for patients every step of the way.

Schedule a consultation appointment today to see if our family is the right fit for yours.

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