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Keep your teeth healthy and clean this holiday season with a cleaning from River Oak Dental.The winter holidays are here, and we couldn’t be happier about it! Sharing presents, watching all the classic holiday films, and seeing the lights and decorations are well worth looking forward to each year. And while celebrating the most wonderful time of the year, it’s good to keep a your teeth in mind so they remain in good condition for the new year.

Here are 4 tips for maintaining oral health during the Holiday Season:

Enjoy your sugar in moderation

While it’s hard to imagine Christmas without cookies for Santa, sugar still has a tendency to be hard on your teeth and gums. We would never imply that you shouldn’t have a few candy canes this December. However, maintaining healthy boundaries between you and too much sugar could go a long way for your teeth in 2019.  

Take advantage of those cranberries

These tart treats can do wonders for protecting your teeth and gums. Scientists have found the juice from cranberries is a powerful weapon against the formation of cavities. However, going to your local grocery store and purchasing the juice won’t do you any good, thanks to added sugars. The direct properties of cranberries create a shield between your teeth and the sugars that could cause you trouble. Keep brushing daily

In all of the busyness of shopping, caroling, and celebrating it can be tempting to forget something as routine as daily oral care. If you find it helpful, try leaving a post-it note on your bathroom mirror for a reminder to insure you complete all your oral care routines.

Use your teeth wisely

With packages and presents going around on Christmas morning, it can be tempting to use your pearly whites for help opening packages. Resist the urge. The time you spend searching for a letter opener is well worth the time you could spend in a dentist’s chair this December.

This year, have a wonderful and safe Christmas, taking care of your teeth and enjoying everything this season has to offer. Happy Holidays, from your family at River Oak Dental!

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