Fall Savings from River Oak!

Philips Sonicare recommended by River Oak Dental in Palm Bay FL.

Fall Savings: Through October, get 20% off the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Ultrasonic Smart Toothbrush and a $20 dollar rebate! It’s pumpkin spice season, Halloween is around the corner, and the holiday desserts are coming soon. Taking care of your teeth is essential And what you brush with is equally important. Make sure you’re brushing with … Continue reading

Use ‘em or lose ‘em – 2018 Dental Benefits

Remember your insurance card when visiting River Oak Dental in Palm Bay FL.

The end of the year is officially upon us, the holidays are approaching, the heat is hopefully subsiding, and we’re getting ready to end this year on a high note. End your year with healthier teeth and a brighter smile – and use your benefits before you lose them! Think about those New Year’s Resolutions … Continue reading

Starting D2 and the Candy Store for Dentists

River Oak Dental Students and future dentists celebrating their  Graduation

Yay, welcome to D2! We’ve been working hard in our first summer semester but are still carving out time for making memories… other than radiographic localization techniques and type IV hypersensitivity. Put some SHPEP in your step! One UF Health Science Center’s (UFHSC) greatest attributes is their advocation for students of all walks of life. … Continue reading

Recycle with River Oak and Colgate

River Oak Dental Infographic Colgate toothpaste and toothbrushes

We all know recycling has changed our world for the better, and now a partnership with River Oak Dental and Colgate is making it easier to keep oral health packaging out of landfills. Most local recycling programs do not accept dental hygiene products like toothbrushes. And you shouldn’t throw toothpaste tubes in the recycling bin … Continue reading

Services that Sustain Your Smile

River oak dentists practice cleaning patient teeth.

Flashing a smile may seem simple enough, but keeping that smile in prime condition? That’s where we come in! At River Oak Dental, we provide quality dental services to ensure that your smile is always the best and brightest it can be. From routine cleanings and crowns to periodontal therapy and x-rays, you’ll find everything … Continue reading

Finding the Right Dentist

Three smiling dentists pose for a picture in nature in Palm Bay FL.

Imagine getting excited when a reminder for an upcoming dental appointment pops up, instead of dreading it. The good news is, you don’t just have to imagine it! With a little research, selecting the right dentist for you and your needs will make it easy to relax and feel right at home. There are many important … Continue reading

[Dental] Dam It + We’re not in the Swamp Anymore!

Dental student practicing and smiling with Medical Trainer

[Dental] Dam It: Class of 2021 is going strong and learning a LOT. We’ve been introduced to rubber dams—sheets of rubber that isolate the tooth you’re working on. They help prevent contamination during a restoration, protect adjacent tooth structure and keep the patient safe from accidentally swallowing objects (like a crown or clamp). It seems … Continue reading

They’re Giving us Power Tools!

Dental Assistants working with dental tools and smiling

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] After two weeks of luxurious days spent sleeping in and filling ourselves with our moms’ homemade cooking for Winter Break, we were dragging our feet back to class with some hesitation on January 2nd. Who really wants to get back to studying, even if you’re excited to see your friends? Nevertheless, we got back … Continue reading

We’re 1/11th Dentists!

Four young women celebrating their  River Oak healthy smiles at a restaurant

Granted, I’m a very mushy person in general… but I am holding back tears as I write this post. The UFCD Class of 2021 has finished their FIRST SEMESTER OF DENTAL SCHOOL! It’s impossible to write about everything we did this year, but our incredible Class Historians and Media Manager really summed it up in … Continue reading

Loupes + Llamas: Fall in Dental School

Me, Jon, and llamas in Palm Bay FL at River Oak Dental.

Save the Drama for your Llama: If you’re wondering, “What do llamas have to do with dental school?”, the answer is: absolutely nothing! They have to do withour amazing Fall Break away from school! In the Colleges of Health, we don’t get the month-long breaks between semesters like we did in undergrad. Real breaks are … Continue reading

The D1 Deal: My First Month in Dental School!

Dental students smiling for the camera at River Oak Dental in Palm Bay Fl.

Confession: I’m actually writing about my first two months of school (sorry!). It’s been pretty busy since classes started, so here’s what you’ve missed! We’re better sticking together For the first couple weeks of class, I have to say I felt a little isolated because I tend to be an introvert before I’m comfortable in … Continue reading

The Stuff Pre-dents Are Made of!

River Oak Dental in Palm Bay FL is what Pre-Dents are made of.

The Stuff Pre-dents are Made of! People often ask me what exactly it takes to become a dentist— here’s the scoop on the basics and answers to some FAQs: “So how long is dental school?” Dental school takes four years to complete. There’s one school in California, University of the Pacific, that does offer a … Continue reading

Shave After Waxing + Orientation Week

Custom made dentures and moulds by River Oak Dental in Palm Bay FL.

About ten days before orientation, an optional hand skill tutoring workshop was offered to students who wanted to start exercising their psychomotor skills. In one of our first courses this year, Dental Anatomy, we will become familiar with every dip and curve of all 32 teeth. The dental wax-up is a clinical technique that allows … Continue reading

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