The D1 Deal: My First Month in Dental School!

Dental students smiling for the camera at River Oak Dental in Palm Bay Fl.

Confession: I’m actually writing about my first two months of school (sorry!). It’s been pretty busy since classes started, so here’s what you’ve missed! We’re better sticking together For the first couple weeks of class, I have to say I felt a little isolated because I tend to be an introvert before I’m comfortable in … Continue reading

The Stuff Pre-dents Are Made of!

River Oak Dental in Palm Bay FL is what Pre-Dents are made of.

The Stuff Pre-dents are Made of! People often ask me what exactly it takes to become a dentist— here’s the scoop on the basics and answers to some FAQs: “So how long is dental school?” Dental school takes four years to complete. There’s one school in California, University of the Pacific, that does offer a … Continue reading

Shave After Waxing + Orientation Week

Custom made dentures and moulds by River Oak Dental in Palm Bay FL.

About ten days before orientation, an optional hand skill tutoring workshop was offered to students who wanted to start exercising their psychomotor skills. In one of our first courses this year, Dental Anatomy, we will become familiar with every dip and curve of all 32 teeth. The dental wax-up is a clinical technique that allows … Continue reading

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