Pediatric Dentistry

Proper oral health starts when your baby’s first teeth start to make their appearance. We believe it’s important to get children used to and comfortable with the dentist from infancy. At River Oak Dental, we treat patients of all ages!

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

River Oak Dental is a family-owned, family dentistry. We treat all of our patients, regardless of their age, just like they’re family of our own! Our family dental center located in Palm Bay treats patients of all ages. Our pediatric dentistry is focused on children from infancy through adolescence. We have a team of professionals that are specially trained to work with children.

We Create a Positive Environment for Children at the Dentist.

Since we know how important it is to create a positive experience at the dentist for children, we work hard to foster a cheerful, welcoming, and kid-friendly environment. We also work with dental tools that are designed for smaller mouths to ensure your child’s comfort. By starting your children’s dental care early in a positive atmosphere, it can help remove any fear that may come up later.

Proper dental hygiene, including regular dental exams and professional cleanings, is something that should be taught from a young age. At River Oak Dental, we work together with you and your child to create the best experience possible. We can work at your child’s pace, explain the process, and make sure they are completely comfortable. We will also provide expert guidance to you on proper oral care and how you can help your child have the best and healthiest smile possible!

What Happens if My Child Needs Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

As your child gets older, you may find that their wisdom teeth need to be removed. This is especially true if your child plans to get braces. We use x-rays to determine how your child’s wisdom teeth are growing in. If they have a chance of becoming impacted or they need to be removed for braces, we offer wisdom teeth removal and help to provide aftercare and healing instructions.

Everyone at River Oak Dental are so amazing. The whole staff is friendly, compassionate and skilled. They offer their services with with a bedside manner of support and encouragement. They take their time and are gentle while being efficient and effective. If you are a scaredy-cat like me, this IS the dentist for you!!

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