Tooth Restoration & Replacement

If you’re dealing with broken, chipped, or missing teeth, if can really affect not only your confidence but sometimes also your ability to eat and do other things. River Oak Dental has many options available to help you replace or restore broken or missing teeth.

Can You Fix a Broken Tooth or Replace Missing Teeth?

Having a broken tooth or missing tooth can happen to anyone. If it does happen, it can leave us feeling less than confident or even embarrassed to smile. This is definitely something we believe no one should have to go through. We want everyone that walks through our doors to feel happy and confident when they smile. That’s why we place special care on a broken tooth, cracked tooth, and chipped tooth repair. We offer several different options at River Oak Dental for this and missing tooth restoration. We can work together, discuss your options, and help you decide which one is right for you.

If you’re looking to fix a chipped tooth or fix a broken tooth, one of the best options may be a restorative dental crown. This process can help keep the majority of your tooth intact while fixing any cosmetic issues. A tooth crown looks and acts just like a real tooth, so it is a great fix. Another great option to fix a chipped tooth is through cosmetic bonding. If you’re looking for missing tooth restoration or your broken tooth is too damaged to be repaired, we have several options available. We can help restore your missing tooth with a dental implant, dental bridge, and partial dentures. We offer options for full dentures as well.

River Oak Dental Can Repair or Restore Any Type of Tooth Damage

At River Oak Dental, we know how important it is to have a smile you feel good about. Our dental team will work together with you to find the right options to get you feeling confident again. Whether you have a cracked tooth, broken tooth, chipped tooth, or missing tooth, River Oak Dental can help! Give us a call today and schedule your first consultation. We also offer smile makeover consultations if you’re interested in achieving the smile of your dreams.

Amazing staff!!! So gentle and professional , they know how to make me calm and look forward to coming here.


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