Start the Year Smiling – Five Essential Back-to-School Dental Tips

The end of summer is fast approaching, and while it would be nice to continue the lazy days of summer just a little bit longer, our kiddos need to return to reading, writing and arithmetic. The start of a new school year is a great opportunity to reinforce healthy dental habits.

Here are five tips to start the school year with a smile.Two smiling kids with happy, healthy smiles from River Oak Dental

It’s Not Too Late

If you didn’t schedule a dental check up and cleaning during the summer, it’s not too late and the benefits to a summer appointment means you can usually align your next check-up with the holiday break from school.

Eating Habits

Summer sweets need to stay home. The new school year starting is an opportunity to add back the healthy snacks in the lunchbox. Also, sneaky snacks like applesauce are high in sugar and more likely to lead to cavities. Toss a piece of fresh fruit in the kids’ lunches instead.

Chew Smart

Teachers will surely thank you if you save gum chewing for the weekend, and make sure it’s the sugarless variety.


It’s always important to stay hydrated, not just for overall health but for your oral health too. And it’s a great time to switch back to water from the summer juices and sodas.

The Return of Routines

As part of your new morning routine, you can make sure flossing takes center stage. Use a sticker chart to add an element of fun.

Implementing a few simple adjustments to your oral health routine at the beginning of the school year will set your kids up for success and confidence in the classroom. Starting the year with the brightest and healthiest smile is something River Oak Dental is committed to partnering with your family to achieve.

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